teleos – arriving at a goal or an inescapable conclusion


Dr. Phillips holds an MS in Exercise Science and Sports Psychology from Loughborough University, UK and a Ph.D. in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University, AZ. He is a former Post-Doctoral Fellow and Research Scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine, Center for Research in Disease Prevention and Professor (now Professor Emeritus) in the Department of Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University where he was an acknowledged teacher of excellence. Dr. Phillips is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, former Chair of their Special Interest Group on Aging, and member of their Strategic Health Initiative on Aging. He has served on the editorial board of a number of aging journals, is a scientific advisory board member for the International Council on Active Aging and one of their designated aging and wellness experts. Dr. Phillips is an advanced level Intrinsic Coach® and also the only individual licensed to deliver the renowned Stanford Healthy Lifestyle Program in the state of Arizona. He has advised and consulted extensively on behavioral approaches to strength and aging issues for more than 25 years both in the US and the UK. Over this period his focus has been on the development of positive ‘Best Practice’ approaches to wellness and ‘Successful Aging’. Dr. Phillips has written extensively on these topics for websites, professional journals, magazines, newsletters, training manuals and scientific publications including more than 70 peer reviewed research articles. He has also presented on more than 200 occasions at national and international scientific and professional aging conferences. Dr. Phillips is known for his humorous and provocative speaking style, eliciting ‘new thinking’ from audiences about wellness and active lifestyle issues for older adults. He is the Founder and Owner of AgeWELL Initiatives, LLC ( and a Founding Partner of The STRIVE Wellness Corporation (, two companies whose mission is to improve the functional independence and quality of life of older adults.

Consulting focus Includes: Development and implementation of evidence-based Wellness Programs for Retirement and Senior Living Communities; Coaching for behavior change with individual and groups; implementation of STRIVE a licensed and highly successful strength training program specifically designed for seniors; implementation and development  of ‘Universal Design’ exercise/fitness rooms for retirement communities

Writing focus includes: Thinking differently about successful aging; the role and implementation of strength training in maintaining and improving independence; wellness and behavior change in older adults: asset based (vs deficit based) approaches to aging; active lifestyles; accessible home based strength and mobility exercise; physical activity, exercise and fitness; Activities of Daily Living; Fall Prevention/Mobility Enhancement; ‘Universal Design’ exercise and exercise equipment for seniors 

Dr. Phillips may be contacted through this blog or his email

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